Education with a Higher Purpose

Sunrise Christian Preschool 


 Character Words this month:

Kindness; Sharing & Caring

The preschool will be closed in Observance of President’s Day Monday

February 19.


We have been fortunate to have

full enrollment this year, so full that on some days we cannot accommodate requests for part time students to stay a full day, or to increase days etc.  If you are waiting for a full - time spot, that will most likely happen mid June.  We also have a waiting list for students who are wanting to enroll this summer-and to remain for the new school year. Please be thinking of the schedule you need for the summer.   Thank you for your patience. Please stick to the schedule you have worked out with me for this school year. TY😊

Our first week of Community Professions will begin this month; Feb.  26 – March 1.  The students will be introduced to 2 professions per day. We will do one week a month for 3 months.


Mon- Trash Collection & Hospital Workers

Tues- Presidential Staff & Mechanic

Wed- Restaurant Workers & Zookeepers

Thurs- Librarian & Artist

Calendar of Events

Friendship/Valentine’s Party

on Wed.: Feb. 14

If you would like to bring Valentine’s for your child to pass out, please have your child just sign his/her name, and they may pass them to their friends. No names on the Valentine’s please.


March 2 – 23 will begin our

Spring RED reading program.  Look for the takehome papers next month.  



    The caterpillars will be learning about the Rain Forest Animals, as well as working on Valentine’s projects.  They will understand the difference between the rain forest animals and the animals that hibernate.  They will discuss what a friend is, and will celebrate friendship day on Valentine’s day. Community professions will be introduced the last week in the month.


    This class will learn the layers in the Rain Forest, and the animals that live in which layer.  They will also discuss the differences between Rain Forest and the Forest animals that hibernate.  This class will also celebrate Valentine’s and Friendship day by hands on crafts and activities.  Chinese New Year will be discussed and demonstrated what happens on this holiday. Community professions will be introduced the last week in the month, and the students will have hands on understanding of each one.



    In the month of February, this class will be introduced to the 6th principle of the CREATION curriculum; Trust.  This unit will share foods that help children stay strong; calcium, iron, vitamin E and zinc. Their worships will be about people in the Bible who built trusting relationships with God.  Kindness from our theme unit will also be shared in Bible stories.  The target letters for this month are lower case h,v,k,j,e and writing them.  In science the children will explore and learn the characteristics of living and their differences with non-living things. Rainforest animals will be explored this month.  The last week of the month community professions will be introduced. 

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