Education with a Higher Purpose

Sunrise Christian Preschool 



Calendar of Events 

April 2 – Centennial Farm Field Trip.  Please be at the

Preschool BY 9:00 AM. 


April 11-Spring and PreK Graduation Pictures. watch for the envelopes where you will PRE-Pay for the pictures.




April 17-20- Community Helpers week #3.


April 25- Trike-a-Thon fundraiser- more information will be sent home.


April 23-27-  Week of the Young Child celebrated







Notes from the Director:


Next month, May 10, the preschool students will be performing in Mrs. Taaffe’s Spring Performance. This next month it is critical for our pre-schoolers to be at school on time (by 9:00) so  they all have the opportunity to practice as often as possible. Our Music Class is Mon. at 9:30 and Tues. at 9:45, plus Friday morning practices will be added. Please note this important request.  Thank you.


No School-PS Closed



We will be preparing for accreditation using a self-study guide. As teachers in our program, I want all of us to be constantly learning and evolving as professionals. 


Please mark these dates in May

May 10 – Spring Music Program with Mrs. Taaffe

May 24 – Academic Expo in the Gym

Details forthcoming.


I want to let you know ahead of time that on Fri. June 1, the ps will close early.  All students must be picked up by 3:30 to accommodate our time schedule for our Pre-Kinder graduation at 4:30. Please plan accordingly.  This is a big day for our bumblebee families. 


    Caterpillars & Butterflies will be reinforcing the farm animals, and the baby animals born in the Spring after the field trip.  This month the theme for these classes continues to be Spring changes, and bugs, butterflies & bees.  Look for their beautiful art work on the bulletin boards. 

    This month we will be celebrating the “Week of the Young Child” with various daily activities. Our final Community Helpers week will be April 17-20 with Fireman, Policeman, Astronomer, Scientist, Veterinarian, Postal Worker, Teacher, Coach.

    Bumblebees will be introduced to “Outlook,” the 8th Principle of our Creation curriculum. Positive outlooks on life, doing what needs to be done without complaining will be discussed, and integrated with the worship stories.  The class will also celebrate Earth Day, “The Week of the Young Child” as well as the theme about bugs, butterflies & bees.   The class will introduce opportunities for students to review all of their letters, encouraging them to blend and make words.  In mathematics they will be working on patterning & writing numerals. Science will be exploring through gardening, and living things.


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     The words “school readiness” are used by educators, legislators, and even parents, but what does it really mean?  Every child is unique and develops at his/her own pace and in his own time.  There are certain skills they are expected to master by the time they start Kindergarten.  Remember with the support in the child’s home, and from preschool teachers, every child can be successful.  The Calif. Department of Education has developed a set of foundations for early learning. There are also Curriculum Frameworks to accompany the Learning Foundations.  They outline the developmental progress of children in the following areas:  social-emotional, mathematics, language & literacy skills, visual and performing arts, physical development and foundations in health. 

     These are things, as a staff, we will be discussing at our In-service. When children engage in activities that are related to things they are interested in, they will more likely retain the information.  This is a true statement for adults as well.  Since this staff is interested in children I want all of us to plan carefully and act purposefully as we to continue to develop our teaching methods with the highest quality. 

    “The more we enjoy teaching, the more children will enjoy learning.”

    Thank you for your support and understanding of the importance of our teacher in-service days. 

     Audry Railey