Education with a Higher Purpose

                                              SUNRISE CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL

                                               A Division of Orangewood Academy


September Newsletter


Notes from the Director

Reminders: All children must be signed in and signed out.  This is a legal requirement of all parents/caregivers.

New Snack Procedure; Families will pay $5.00 every month, and the school will purchase snacks. At the beginning of every month you will find a small envelope marked with your name.  Please place the $5.00 in the envelope and hand it to a teacher.  We will then note you have paid for that month. 

Morning snack menu

Wholegrain waffles & milk

Whole wheat bagels with cream cheese or jam Bananas & orange juice

Pancakes with applesauce

Vanilla yogurt and berries

Afternoon snack menu

Crackers: Fish, Ritz, Wheat Thins

Fresh Fruit: Apples, Bananas, Grapes, & Watermelon,


Cereal & Milk 

***Our new lunch menu starts September 1st, with on-site catering by Viva Student Food Service. The cost will increase to $3.

Weekly menu:

Monday - Cheese quesadilla, corn, carrots

Tuesday - Veggie burger, sun chips, apple

Wednesday - Whole grain spaghetti (with marinara sauce & veggies) & bread

Thursday - Bean & cheese burrito, applesauce, and carrots

Friday – Pizza Day ($2)


Calendar of Events

Monday, September 4th the school will be closed for Labor Day

October 4th – Fall School Picture Day!

October 11th - Field Trip to Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch. Permission Slips will be sent home in September. Cost is $14 per child.

Caterpillars  2-year-old class

Caterpillars have been drawing & painting their bodies. We have talked about the physical characteristics that make us & our family unique. In September we will learn about different color apples - red, yellow & green. We will be talking about God's creation & our 5 senses.

Butterflies   3 - 4-year-old class

Butterflies learned about their body & what is inside them, like the heart, lungs, muscles & bones, and how they function. We learned about feelings, families, roles & how we work together as a family unit & what makes our family special. In September, we will continue with our 5 senses and how to keep our body healthy.

Bumblebee’s –  4- 5 year old class 

Bumblebees have been learning about God, our Creator. We learned about our body, it's organs and how we function. We are learning to recognize our names, and identifying & writing letters in our names, as well as our friend's names. We will continue the Creation and Our Body unit into September.