ESL Camp

@ Orangewood Academy


Orangewood Academy International ESL Winter and Summer Camp program

Orangewood Academy has started an International ESL Winter and Summer Camp Program which has won great recognition from both the students and the teachers who attended from China.

This success is attributed to all the teachers, parents, volunteers and local church members who helped in a variety of ways.  Especially those who so wonderfully welcomed Chinese students into their homes for a week.  All this was done in an effort to raise some funds toward a tuition assistance program for the students who really want to come to study at our school, but cannot afford it.

However, the purpose of this new ESL  camp program  goes far beyond that . It  also provides  a real opportunity for the international students from China to experience the academic courses as well as the customs and culture of the American people while at the same time giving  our local teachers and students exposure to another culture and life styles as well.  We truly believe this is a learning experience for everybody.

The kids love it, the teachers live it. We have a lot of fun in this  short term American culture and language program.  Hear what the Chinese students said about our school and host familes:

Cui  Teng hao,  a student  from The Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University said: “Before living in the host family (Reyes), I felt a little nervous because my English is poor and I'm afraid I can't communicate well. But I realized that my views before was wrong. No matter what I said, they tried to understand me. If I couldn't understand them, they helped me understand with a dictionary. If they found I felt bored, they would sing and ask me to sing with them. I think they're very sincere, kind and friendly.”

Wang Xiao tian, another student from The Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University wrote 4 pages describing the ESL CAMP at ORANGEWOOD ACADEMY after returning to Beijing.  One paragraph runs:

“Before I came to the U.S., I was scared to come, but after 4 days at ORANGEWOOD ACADEMY, I hated to say good-bye. I dare say, the 15 days travel in U.S.A. is the happiest days in my life. However, the 4 days at ORANGEWOOD ACADEMY is the most unforgettable days in these 15 days’s trip. Every picture that I took is worth thousands pictures that I took before. For it records my most beautiful memories and special experiences.”

Zhu Yali, a student from YiWu No.2 Senior High School wrote:

“ I was attracted by the beautiful environment and the big playground that is covered by the green grass. We had a lot of fun with our classmates. We learned  many things that are different from which we learned from our own school in China. At Geography class, we were taught the American geography in the special way.  We drew a part of the map, and use the rubber mud to make the color of the mountains, forest and the river. At the cooking class, we learned how to make pizza by ourselves. At the religion class, we learned what is faith. The most interesting time  is mixed games class. From that class I learned what is team spirit. My listening and speaking ability has improved greatly. Coming to the United States, coming to Orangewood Academy is very high. May our friendship endure as the universe.”

Wang Jia Rui, a girl from Yiwu No.2 Senior high school wrote:

“ Mr.O is a humorous teacher. In his religion class, he asked me to try the mouse trap to understand the faith. The school is small compared to our school, but is very beautiful. The teachers taught us with great patience. My experience of the 5 days at ORANGEWOOD ACADEMY will never be forgotten.”


Of all the nice comments we received from the Chinese visitors, the one we liked the best is how much they felt Orangewood Academy was a big happy family!

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The pictures above will give you a brief glimpse of what happened during  our international ESL Camps.

Should you have any questions or are interested in attending our programs, please contact one of the following people:

-Elizabeth Munoz, OA Principal and ESL Camp Supervisor: 714-534-4694 ext. 215 or 

- Alice Sun, International ESL Camp Director: 626-590-8707 or

-Yezenia Yguerabide, On-site Camp Director: 714-534-4694 or 

- Maggie GE, Administrative Assistant to the Director: 626-863-9615