Campus Ministries

Orangewood Academy believes the highest form of education must include a spiritual component.

In fact, we believe that Spirituality is foundational to the entire process of educating a child. Without a spiritual anchor, we are left to pursue our life goals as an end in themselves, without considering any over-arching sense of morality, purity, and charity. Our mission is two-fold, to provide the environment and encouragement for every student to find and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as a personal Savior, and to prepare every student for a life of service and discipleship as we await the Second Coming of Christ. To this end we unapologetically integrate a spiritual component into every facet of our school culture. Of our “Four Ss: Spirituality, Scholarship, Service, and Sportsmanship,” Spirituality is first and foremost.



Orangewood Academy believes in the power of prayer. Every teacher begins her or his teaching day with prayer. Our teachers pray with their students at the beginning of every class. They regularly pray individually with students in moments of special need. They gather in the morning before the beginning of the school day to pray as a faculty. Our students pray for each other and for special needs they might be facing. We encourage our students, through word and example, to develop a prayer dimension to their lives. Few things warm the heart more than hearing a young child or a young person lead the student body in corporate prayer. This happens regularly at Orangewood Academy.

Chapel Services.

Our students regularly attend chapel services. Our elementary begin every day with in-class devotional time with their teachers. Every Friday morning they gather as an Elementary School to sing together, pray together, and learn spiritual lessons provided by teachers, the school principal, or special invited guests. Our Middle School students gather as a group on Tuesdays and Thursdays for prayer and spiritual nurturing. They join the High School for a special chapel service every Friday. The Friday Chapel service takes place at the end of the school day. We send our students home with the songs they sang and the message they heard resonating in their minds and hearts. The High School gathers, as well, on a weekly basis (Monday and Wednesday) for personal and spiritual nurturing. These opportunities are the core of what we do at Orangewood.


Weeks of Spiritual Emphasis.

Two school weeks out of the year become special spiritual events for the entire campus. Once in October and once in late January the school sponsors a Week of Spiritual Emphasis. Special guest speakers are invited to meet with the Elementary, Middle and High School on a daily basis to share spiritual themes with the students. These are special seasons of spiritual re-awakening, bonding and reflection. Presentations are age-appropriate and are complemented with student participation through drama, music, and interaction.

Bible Camps

Orangewood Academy provides the opportunity for students in 7th and 8th grades to participate in a yearly Junior High Bible Camp held in the San Jacinto Mountains. 11th and 12th graders also have the opportunity to join many other upper-classmen from all over Southern California for spiritual refreshment and social interaction at the Junior-Senior Bible Camp, also held at Pine Springs Ranch, in the San Jacinto Mountains. These events provide a safe and age-appropriate setting for essential spiritual growth and appropriate social interaction with students from other schools who share common core values and spiritual goals.


Bible Instruction

Every student, from preschool through high school, will participate in daily religious instruction. Every teacher is committed, not only to integrate spiritual values into the fiber of their curriculum, but also to provide time every day to the teaching of the principles, values, history, theology, and practical application of the message of Scripture. Orangewood Academy is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist worldwide educational system. We consider it our mission to share the Good News of the Gospel to the whole world. We believe Jesus will soon return to bring an end to the present chapter of human history. We look forward to that day. We commit ourselves to impact the world for the Kingdom every day as we await His return. This remains our passion. At the same time, we believe Jesus Himself provided us an example of how to deal with those outside our community of faith. We will follow His leading, by being respectful and by finding values in the spiritual experiences of those who may not share our religious heritage and theological perspective. If we are all in a quest for ultimate truth, God will ultimately lead us there.