Education with a Higher Purpose

Service Learning

@ Orangewood Academy


Orangewood Academy believes education reaches its highest form when the academic, physical, and spiritual components are brought to practical and meaningful application through the experience of service. Orangewood not only encourages every student to become involved in service as part of their personal lifestyle, but provides opportunities during the school year for involvement in local and more extended service opportunities.



The Orangewood Academy Service Team (TOAST) describes the student body getting involved in local service learning opportunities. Orangewood Academy partners with local government agencies and area food banks to provide the manpower needed for city beautification projects and homeless food programs. TOAST Days are built into the school calendar to provide opportunities for students to meet the service hour component of the Orangewood academic program. Twenty –five service learning hours are required per school year.

Some examples of service learning projects OA has participated in are:

            -Beach clean up

            -Feeding the homeless

            -Visiting nursing homes

            -Volunteering at our own ESL camps

            -Working at local food banks

            -Writing letters to veterans

            -And so much more!!


Purity of Heart - Clarity of Mind - Intensity of Mission - Integrity of Purpose