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Education with a Higher Purpose

Music Ministry

@Orangewood Academy 

Orangewood Academy has a long tradition of outstanding musical groups. Under the direction of Mrs. Terri Taaffe, the Orangewood Music Department is making musical ripples in the community. 


Preschool – Kindergarten Choir

This choir consists of the youngest Orangewood students. These young singers begin singing and performing for school concerts and local church performances as part of their preschool experience. They range in ages from two to six. They bring a smile to everyone who listens to them sing.


Grade 1-3 Choir

This choral group bring a simplicity combined with a unique passion for singing. They perform at local churches as well as at school Christmas and Spring Concerts.


Grades 4-6 Choir

These students reflect the best of the elementary music department. They bring energy, enthusiasm, and a certain musical electricity to every performance. They have already provided music at various venues, including Main Place Mall and the Christmas Concert.


Jr. High School Choir

The Jr. High School Choir is a core class of the Jr. High program. At a time when many schools are cutting back their fine arts offerings, the Orangewood Academy Jr. High continues to encourage young students to expand their musical talents and learn the discipline necessary to excel in a group musical setting.


Jr. High Handbell Ensemble

This musical group provides structured musical instruction and demanding rehearsals to prepare them for the demands of public performance. Students who excel Jr. High Handbells are invited to join the distinguished Orangewood High School Handbell Ensemble.


High School Handbell Ensemble

This exclusive ensemble participates in sectional handbell workshops and festivals. It performs at local churches and other venues that lend themselves to their melodious harmonies. Members are selected by audition and can earn academic credit for participation in the performance facet of this unique music program. The High School Handbell Ensemble is a touring group.


Orangewood Academy Choir

This choral group is the centerpiece of the Orangewood Academy music program. The choir performs during both school-wide music programs, at local churches, and at the semi-annual conference-wide choral festival. Choir members can earn academic credit for participation in the performance facet of this unique music program. The Academy Choir is a touring group.


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