October 6, 2020

Dear Orangewood Academy Parents/Guardians–

Please find attached to this email a COVID-19 symptoms decision tree.  This tree has been developed by the Orange County Health Department and annotated with slightly stricter requirements by the Orangewood Safety Committee.  This document is also approved by the Orangewood School Board.  

The intention of this document is to help you recognize when it’s best for your student to stay at home, and/or when it is best for the administration or the teachers to ask you to pick up your child from school.  Please read the document carefully and please work with us to keep all of our participating families, teachers, students, visitors, and everyone’s loved ones safe. 

You can best help us by recognizing that when you or your child has even one symptom…

  1. Remaining at home must be your first choice.  
  2. Then evaluate whether the next step of seeing a doctor is necessary or if the symptoms become resolved. Please follow the stay at home length of time laid out by the symptom tree.
  3. If your student has two or more symptoms and sees a doctor, we need you to get us a doctor’s note detailing how long the student is required to stay home and we will follow the doctor’s instructions.

We understand that people have differing views on this situation.  Even if you disagree, we need your commitment to cooperate and your willingness to work with Orangewood for everyone’s sake and safety.

We so appreciate your partnership and encouragement with all the changes needed to keep moving forward this school year and we continue to pray for our school and your families.


Winston Morgan
Orangewood Academy