September 22, 2020

Orangewood Academy Parents/Guardians–

As announced previously and with the news that Orange County has been upgraded to Red Tier status as of September 8, 2020, we are planning to open for in-person instruction for grades 7-12. 
Starting dates are listed here for each grade:

Sept. 22 — 7th, 8th, & 12th Grades

Sept. 23 — 11th Grade

Sept. 24 — 10th Grade

Sept. 25 — 9th Grade

There are very important things to remember and understand as the students return. Each student must complete a Student Symptom Check BEFORE leaving home every day when they are coming to campus. All students need to practice social distancing and 3rd – 12th grades students are required to wear a mask at all times. Only exceptions are when eating or drinking or with permission from a teacher to get away from the group for a 15 second breather. Students need to wash their hands throughout the day. If a student is not feeling well, they are not to come to class or campus. Any student not regularly abiding by the mask and social distancing rules will not be allowed to stay on campus. 

If you’re uncomfortable with your student returning to class in person and want them to stay at home for the first semester, that is your choice. In the interest of planning, and minimizing overloading our teachers, please provide us with your decision and commitment for in-person instruction or remote instruction for your child until the end of the 1st semester.   For our records, I ask that you complete our First Semester Learning Agreement (using the QR code or link below) before September 22nd. Please understand there is no tuition discount attached to choosing remote instruction. If you have questions about any tuition discount while remote learning and you qualify because you do not already receive tuition assistance, please contact Gary Nelson, Business Manager.

First Semester Learning AgreementLink

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Remember, we are all in God’s hands through everything.


Winston Morgan