July 22, 2020

Dear Orangewood Parents/Guardians–

This update includes further information about Orangewood Academy’s re-opening circumstances.  After review and discussion of Governor Newsom’s orders by the Superintendents and Principals, it has been decided that Orangewood Academy will start remotely on August 24, 2020.  

We are looking into changing that outcome with a Governor’s waiver.  However, a waiver requires specific criteria that must be met before approval can be considered, and that criteria won’t take place prior to our first day of school.  Remote instruction won’t be a permanent situation and we are prepping to be ready for online and in-person instruction and need you to be ready too.  To be fully enrolled and have a place on the class roster to attend class on August 24th, the following four items must be completed for your student(s):

1.  Online Enrollment packet completed and submitted
2.  Magnus Health portion of online enrollment completed
3.  Financially Cleared (previous balance paid/agreement with OA Business Manager)
4.  Financial Agreement signed and returned

We are thrilled that the teachers will be using Swivl™ to help students participate in authentic learning experiences through video.  Swivl™ gives students a 360° view of the classroom, the board, and quality audio from Swivl’s microphone.  When teachers are back in their classrooms with their materials, having access to Swivl™ robots will significantly enhance the experience for students viewing at home.

Orangewood Academy will be implementing AVID–Advancement Via Individual Determination– strategies for the 2020-2021 school year.  This is to help our students think critically, collaborate, and set high expectations to confidently conquer the challenges that await them.  AVID offers a thorough program of instruction in academic “survival skills” and college level readiness skills. The AVID program teaches students how to study, read for content, take notes, and manage time. AVID fosters a safe and open culture, high expectations for teachers and students, and collaboration in the classroom.
AVID educators drive student success through engaging, rigorous, and student-centered learning environments.  As a choice driven curriculum, Upper Elementary and High School students can decide on an elective course–learning strategies or building study skills.  Our teachers are implementing these AVID strategies with an end goal to improve engagement and student-centered learning in the classes.  

Remember, remote instruction this is not a permanent condition.  We remain hopeful that we can modify our situation by early September and will continue to work toward that outcome while understanding that everything is in God’s time.  Be courageous and we appreciate your prayers.

In His Service,

Winston Morgan
Orangewood Academy