Hello OA Family, Friends and Supporters,

The new school year is upon us and we have exciting news to share with you! Orangewood has become a technology based school! All high school students will now be using Chromebooks in their learning. Given the ongoing COVID climate, the Administration and Faculty saw the need to switch to a program that would promote safety and online learning at the same time.

All of our teachers have committed to using as many online textbooks and resources as possible. This includes savings by using FREE Open Source textbooks that are all aligned with our curriculum and allow for better access for our students. While we are beginning our school year remotely, we are committed to this new format if and when students return on campus. We live in a digital world and students can now better learn the online skills that will prepare them for college and further success. We are asking your help to make this happen! We have students in need of sponsorship for their Chromebooks. $200 will sponsor a student and all their books and online resources for an entire year

If you are willing and able, please join our current donors and give online, see PayPal link below.

You can also mail your checks to : 

Orangewood Academy

13732 Clinton Street 

Garden Grove CA, 92843

Memo: Technology Sponsorship

Thank you so much for supporting innovation and learning at Orangewood Academy. God Bless!