COVID-10 Update

Reopening Plan

January 21, 2021


We are reminding you again of the importance of continuing your vigilance to follow the COVID Safety Protocols each day.  Please take a couple of moments to review the attached “Please Prevent School Closures” list.

There is one update to our daily protocol.  We now require that ALL students, including Kindergarten through 4th grades, wear their face coverings at ALL times while on campus.
Please explain this to your children and we will do the same in the classrooms.

We all feel the inconvenience aspect, but by working together and following the protocols with a positive spirit we can stay safe and keep Orangewood Academy open for our students.

Thank you!


Winston Morgan
Orangewood Academy

Reopening of School Plan 2020-2021   Updated August 9, 2020

Hello Parents and students, we plan to open school on August 24, 2020 online for 7-12th grade, and tentatively in-person for K-6th Grade.   We have applied for a waiver to open K-6th grade for in-person education on August 24, 2020.  We have surveyed our parents of our K-6 students and 80% state they agree with our re-opening of school and feel comfortable with the safety protocols put in place.  Furthermore, we have received unanimous approval from our administrative school board on opening our school subject to CDC guidelines.  Additionally, our teachers have been given the opportunity to express concerns regarding the coronavirus re-opening of schools protocol.  The majority of teachers are in support of re-opening, with some that would prefer opening with remote school.  The administrative staff has put their full support behind re-opening, and worked hard to implement safety measures.   Please find listed below the procedures and protocols Orangewood is implementing for in-person education for students and staff on our campus. 

– Winston Morgan,  Principal/Counselor